Great conference everyone!
RAFO would like to thank all the presenters and participants of our annual Adjunct-to-Adjunct Conference Remotely Speaking. Our speakers provided insight into their methods with online instruction and engaging students using Zoom and other techniques during this challenging year. 
Here are some highlights.
Erik Wenzel discussed his encouragement of students returning to nature within the context of visual art classes generally taught in the Roosevelt University studios. Cindy Eisenhard examined the use of empathy as a technique to reach students in these difficult times and transfer empathy across the other areas in the university. Dr. Jay Fulgencio offered several examples of Zoom icebreakers and virtual class activities to build student engagement and community, and Jen Wilson suggested seven tips to making the world of Zoomland a more appealing and civil society as we see the virtual classroom cling to future terms in additional online, hybrid and remote opportunities for the Roosevelt University community.
And, of course, there were the door prizes. 
We look forward to seeing our membership at the A2A conference in Spring 2022. This time, though, let's try it in person. 
In solidary,
RAFO Professional Development Committee


Save the date! March 26th

RAFO's Adjunct-to-Adjunct Conference. 

Look over the Conference Brochure

And stay turned!

More information,

including links to the different sessions,

to follow soon. 



The pandemic can get wearing, and teaching in a pandemic even more so. We get it. RAFO wants to help you get through it.

Please join us for RAFO's Spring 2021 Membership Meeting, via Zoom on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.

Meet your RAFO officers and find out about some programs and plans for this Spring! You will also get to see a presentation from our parent union, the Illinois Education Association, to show you some benefits and discount plans that you can access through the IEA and RAFO. And, we will just hang out a little. (We all need too!)

In solidarity, 

Your Executive Committee

RAFO is delighted to announce a professional development conference, Adjunct to Adjunct: Remotely Speaking, on March 26th via Zoom.


Share with other adjuncts your experiences in the remote teaching era. What strategies and practices work in your remote classroom?  Let’s share our best kept secrets with each other, network, and sharpen our skills while learning from each other.  Adjunct to Adjunct. RAFO is offering a $150 stipend to speakers.


If you do not want to be a speaker, participate by attending our virtual conference.


Submit a proposal to present by February 19th. Topics may include:


Classroom Management by Zoom or Hybrid

Engaging Students in Online Discussions

Student Centered Activities

Experiential Learning by Remote

Providing Verbal Feedback to Students

Rethinking Methodology - Using ZOOM technology in the classroom

Returning to the Classroom in fall 2021


A proposal should include:



Brief Description of your presentation

Your name, Department, College

E-mail and Phone # to contact you


Presenters will receive a $150 honorarium.


Email your proposals to:

Dr. Ami Hicks, VP RAFO

Professional Development Chair

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Conference Presentations and Participation is a Resume Builder


Food for thought in tough times.


"(T)he question is not whether we will be extremists, but rather what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love? "


Martin Luther King, The Letter from the Birmingham Jail.



RAFO Members:

As lead negotiator for the 2020-2024 contract, I am pleased to announce that your negotiating team and Roosevelt University have come to an agreement. RAFO is extremely pleased with the final outcome and we believe you will be, too. The University was adamant on 0% for the first year, but as an offset for that 0%, we negotiated a signing bonus of $150 for each bargaining unit member that taught either in Spring 2020 or will teach in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. That then takes us into the final three years of the contract where adjuncts will receive a 2% increase for each of those years.

As I hope you can see from the above, RAFO worked hard to ensure that you are rewarded for the professionalism and integrity all have shown during these unusual and trying times. We are attaching a copy of the final contract for you to review and eventually ratify. The areas that appear in green are changes that were made to the verbiage in the contract that will support RAFO during the upcoming 4 years.  Appendix A reflects the 2% increase for each step in the final three years.

A link with the time will be sent next week for all to join this a zoom meeting, where we can answer your questions about the contract.

In closing, we hope you will be as excited as we are regarding the new contract.

In solidarity,

Don Wlodarski and the RAFO team:

Jen Wilson, Joseph Fedorko, Amelia Hicks, Stan Traywick, Mike Pinsoff and Dennis Tucker