Great conference everyone!
RAFO would like to thank all the presenters and participants of our annual Adjunct-to-Adjunct Conference Remotely Speaking. Our speakers provided insight into their methods with online instruction and engaging students using Zoom and other techniques during this challenging year. 
Here are some highlights.
Erik Wenzel discussed his encouragement of students returning to nature within the context of visual art classes generally taught in the Roosevelt University studios. Cindy Eisenhard examined the use of empathy as a technique to reach students in these difficult times and transfer empathy across the other areas in the university. Dr. Jay Fulgencio offered several examples of Zoom icebreakers and virtual class activities to build student engagement and community, and Jen Wilson suggested seven tips to making the world of Zoomland a more appealing and civil society as we see the virtual classroom cling to future terms in additional online, hybrid and remote opportunities for the Roosevelt University community.
And, of course, there were the door prizes. 
We look forward to seeing our membership at the A2A conference in Spring 2022. This time, though, let's try it in person. 
In solidary,
RAFO Professional Development Committee