RAFO elections for University Senate and College Councils for the 2023-24 academic year are now open. Pursuant to Article 2 B and C of the RU- RAFO contract, each college can elect two representatives to the college council and two representatives to the Senate.


*Due to the restructuring of the colleges, Steve Cohen and RAFO have agreed to change the number of representatives to balance the colleges for representation in this 2023-24 academic year.  The voting is listed below:  This change will be included in the new RAFO contract.


Call for Nominations will be August 29-31

Voting will be open September 5-7

Members are allowed to vote for candidates representing their respective college

Term of Office

The term of office for senators and college council members will be one year beginning the first day of fall semester. All offices extend over the entire academic year regardless of whether the adjunct faculty member is scheduled to teach in both semesters. A single individual may hold both the office of council member and the office of senator if s/he is duly elected to serve in both capacities.

University Senate

Senators will be elected from each college as noted.


College of Humanities, Education, and Social Science:  3 Senators and 2 college councilors

College of Business:  2 Senators and 2 college councilors

College of Health, Sciences, and Pharmacy 2 Senators and 1 college councilor


Senators will be eligible for all elective positions (except those restricted specifically to tenured faculty) and for election by the University Senate to the Board of Trustees. One part-time faculty member who is an elected senator shall be included on the Executive Committee of the Senate.

The University Senate decides all matters that concern the University as a whole that are not the exclusive province of the Board of Trustees and all other matters not specifically delegated to the college councils or to the administration. Meetings are held on both campuses via teleconference from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the third Friday of the month from September through April.

College Councils

Two members of the adjunct faculty will be elected as a voting member of each college council. One member of the adjunct faculty will be elected in the College of Health, Sciences, and Pharmacy.  These council members will have the right to participate as a non-voting member on the college curriculum committee.

College councils determine policies with regard to college academic matters, including the objectives and content of particular curricula, the improvement of instruction, the grading system, the academic advising of students, requirements for degrees and certificates, course load, student assemblies and programs, scholarships and grants-in-aid, and the orientation of new students and of new staff members.