Dear RAFO Members,

To recognize the Transgender Day of Remembrance (today, November 20), RAFO would like to let our transgender members know that we stand with you. You are protected by RAFO and Roosevelt University. The University “does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against any individual on the basis of … gender identity [or] gender expression” alongside sexual orientation and other protected classes (“Discrimination and Harassment”). If you feel you have been discriminated against or harassed, please do not hesitate to contact us. RAFO is a safe space and will fight for you.

In addition, RAFO encourages members to support our transgender students. Research shows that transgender students have a 41% attempted suicide rate (Haas, Rodgers, & Herman, 2014).  Here are three simple things you can do to have a more inclusive classroom:

  • Ask for pronouns. Instead of calling attendance on the first day, have students fill out index cards or surveys that ask for preferred names and pronouns. Then, use their names and pronouns.
  • Address harassment. Stop transphobic behavior in your classroom and refer students experiencing harassment to the RU webpage for students who have a discrimination complaint.

  • Refer students to resources. The Howard Brown Health Center provides a list of local resources and guide to Trans and Gender Nonconforming Health that students may not know about.

If you would like to continue educating yourself on making your classroom a safe space, please take advantage of GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit and their resource guides for educators.


In Solidarity,

The Executive Committee

Dear RAFO Members,

The Fall dues deductions were not taken out of your checks on November 14. RAFO has been working on the issue with Human Resources, which sent us the following response:

Unexpected delays in obtaining the faculty census have pushed back our schedule this Fall. Instead of the usual November deductions, RAFO fees will be deducted from your December 14 check.

RAFO apologizes for this inconvenience. We do not anticipate delays for the Spring deductions. Again, Dues for the Fall semester will be deducted in the December 14 check.

In solidarity,
The Executive Committee

Roosevelt is hiring for four full-time positions! Find out more about these positions by clicking the links below.

Dear Members,

Please join RAFO leadership and fellow adjuncts for the Fall Membership Meeting, to be held THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, from 3:30 - 5:30 pm in room 1315 of the Wabash Building. Light refreshments will be served.

The meeting will feature readings by adjuncts Alexander Luft (fiction) and Frank Rogaczewski (poetry), and include questions, answers, and announcements important to the membership for the Spring meeting and 2019-2020.

Alex Luft is a Ph.D candidate in creative writing at UIC and in media and cultural studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. His creative work has been published in more than a dozen literary journals, including Midwestern Gothic, Chicago Literati, and the Marathon Literary Review. He serves on the editorial staff at Quarterly West and is currently at work on his debut novel. You can read more at This afternoon, Alex will be reading a story titled "Nights and Weekends," originally published in Pioneertown magazine.

Frank Rogaczewski lives with his wife and comrade Beverly Stewart in beautiful Berwyn with their dear dog Seamus and their lovely literary cats, Gertrude and Virginia. Frank is now responsible for two books of prose poetry, The Fate of Humanity in Verse and the forthcoming Jeepers and Criminy! Are You Following This? A Helpful if Inexact Proletarian/ Smart Ars Poetic Manifesto.

We hope to see you Thursday!

The Executive Committee

President Ali Malekzadeh updated members of the university Senate on the progress and the numbers of the current Roosevelt University enrollment. With a total student enrollment of 4,329, the university has a higher retention from the projected number of 4,276 as the semester opened. Because of this increase, the university has higher total credit hours at 48,407 and more classes running than previously projected from the spring enrollment numbers. The projected numbers for Spring 2019 are 4,785 and 54,577 credit hours.

As far as the Schaumburg campus, predictions this year depict the second increase in the 16 year history of the campus with 715 students up from 654 from last year. Online learning (defined as both online/hybrid) increased from 13.6% in the fall 2014 to 17.2% this fall term. First year retention has increased from 57% as reported two years ago to 74% this fall.

For more information about student retention, enrollment and the state of the university, please consider attending the Roosevelt University Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November 8, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. (location to be announced).