Jan Parkin, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, provided the University Senate with the end of year predictions and summaries of Roosevelt University’s giving campaigns. Exceeding the original goal of $10M, Institutional Advancement raised over $14M from 3,483 gifts this year. Five of those gifts were in amounts over the $500,000 range, while many of the smaller gifts came from the phonathon reaching out to alumni with a minimum ask of $250. Considering all of the giving to date, 87% was under the $500 range.

Currently, Roosevelt University has an endowment of $116.7M down from $124M in August due to drops in the stock market. However, the Institutional Advancement team remains positive that they can continue to use this December time frame to reach alums for end-of-year giving and reestablishing relationships by social media, the alumni newsletter, and networking events like Rediscover Roosevelt scheduled for March 28, 2019. While the university continues to seek new Board of Trustee members, they have raised their give/get to $10,000.

As a final note, Institutional Advancement and the Office of the President will be working to create a major fundraising event in celebration of Roosevelt University’s 75th anniversary in 2020.