During the Roosevelt University November Senate meeting, Mike Cassidy, Vice President of Student Enrollment, discussed the projections for Spring 2019 and the next academic year. Currently, RU has 4,329 students enrolled equaling 53 students beyond the initial projections. Schaumburg climbs slowly with 714 students enrolled in courses at that campus. This is a positive announcement as RU continues to turn the student body towards graduate and transfer student populations from the larger freshman classes that are both difficult to retain and require additional student services.

For Spring 2019, the student enrollment goal equals 3,921 total students. As of the Senate meeting, 2,378 students have enrolled in classes and committed to attending RU in the spring. While this might seem short, many students will register for their classes after January 3. Provost Lois Becker and her office continues to work on the articulation agreements between community colleges and updates all of the online course transfer data. Cassidy described the pursuit of transfer students as “secret shoppers” because they ask two primary questions while looking at an institution: how long will it take to complete my degree, and how much will it cost? For the accepted freshman students who apply for the 2019/20 academic year, RU offers three early admission dates (Oct. 15, Nov.15, and Dec. 15).

The enrollment goal for 2019/20 includes 409 new freshman, 464 transfer students, and 525 graduate students. Mike Cassidy and the advising staff members will continue to seek opportunities to speak to students on community college campuses and grow the relationships with our community college partners. RAFO Executive Committee members will update and inform our members of the enrollment goals as information becomes available and how this aspect of the budget will impact a potential raise in pay during the spring term.

Stay tuned into your union.