We have a Union Contract.

RAFO and the 2017/2018 Contract Team completed the contract negotiations on behalf of the RAFO Executive Committee and all of the Unit Bargaining Members. Here is a list of the most crucial advancements in our working conditions.

  • Article 1 - Expanded the time it takes for a Union Member to fall out of the unit to three full years. This means that if an adjunct faculty member does not teach for one or two years straight, they can still return to RU at the same pay rate when they last taught a course.
  • Article 2 - RAFO will be able to have two Senators from each college represent the adjunct faculty. We have increased our representation by 50% over the last two contracts giving the union a bigger voice within the university.
  • Article 3 - RAFO increased the amount of funding for Professional Development by 9%. The Executive Committee will approve additional grant opportunities and reimburse representation on the various union committees.
  • Article 4 - RAFO moved forward the deadline for Fall course assignments by 30 days. The new deadline for Fall course assignment notification is now May 31 instead of June 30.
  • Article 4 - RAFO eliminated the condition that adjunct faculty members teach within the previous two terms to receive a six hour course load.
  • Article 4 - Adjunct faculty members may take a one year leave every five years without any impact to their standing in the university or on the pay scale.
  • Article 7 - RAFO increased the Mandatory Duties rate to $49 per hour. Also, we added that the university make every effort to provide mandatory duties, such as a department meeting, by video conference mode.
  • Article 7 - Tuition Remission has increased up to 50% for all adjunct faculty, their spouses or partners, and their children.
  • Article 7 - The class cancellation fee for Step 3 and 4 adjuncts increased from 20% to 22%.
  • RAFO and Roosevelt University agreed on a “me too” clause to determine any pay raises for the duration of the 2017-2020 contract. If any faculty receives a raise in any amount, then RAFO members will receive a raise in the same percentage amount. This will augment the salary scale and become a permanent increase within the contract.