Fellow Adjuncts,

As part of our effort to keep you updated on the Roosevelt restructuring, we can now inform you that there has been a reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences. This reorganization comes as a result of consolidation brought on by, among other factors, the closing of the College of Professional Studies in January and the elimination of some majors.

RAFO recommends that, if you are unsure about who is now in charge in the department you currently teach at, that at a minimum you contact your immediate supervisor to clarify where they are now classified and what changes, if any, it means to who will assign you your classes and answer questions about classroom policies.

Here is the new structure of departments and deans in the College of Arts and Sciences:


Unchanged departments/programs 

(chairs and program directors also remain unchanged in these departments)

  • Department of Psychology (Cami McBride, chair) 
  • Department of Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences (Cornelius Watson, chair)
  • Department of Communication (Marian Azzaro, chair)
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (Eric Berkowitz, chair)
  • English Language Program (Susanne McLaughlin, director)
  • Professional and Liberal Studies (PLS) program (Amanda Putnam, director)

New departments

Department of Humanities (Gina Buccola, Chair)

  • English
  • English composition (Dan Cryer, director)
  • Creative writing (Christian TeBordo, director)
  • History (Margaret Rung, director)
  • Women's and Gender Studies (Marjorie Jolles, director)
  • Philosophy
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Languages
  • Art


Department of Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, and Public Administration (LaDonna Long, chair)

  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science (David Faris, director)
  • MPA (Anna-Marie Schuh, director)
  • International Studies (Phil Hultquist, director)
  • Paralegal Studies (Carrie Lausen, director)


Department of Actuarial Science, Math, and Economics (Melanie Pivarski, chair)

  • Math and Actuarial Science
  • Economics (Gary Langer, director)
  • Social Justice (June Lapidus, director)

Department of Sociology and Sustainability Studies (Mike Bryson, chair)

  • Sustainability Studies
  • Sociology (Stephanie Farmer, director)
  • MACDA (Pamela Robert, director)

In solidarity,