The RAFO Front Table Team continues negotiations with the University for a 2021-2024 contract. The negotiations began at the end of April, and we have had nine bargaining sessions with the University. While not complete, we have made steady progress, and we believe we are close to finalizing a proposed contract for our membership.  No surprise - the biggest stumbling block has been money.

One of the key elements is the first year of the contract. The University has been adamant on a 0% increase for the 2020/2021 academic year, and the RAFO team has been similarly insistent that this is unacceptable. One of the University’s reasons for the 0% is the current climate. With the COVID-19 lockdown, and all of the ensuing actions the University has had to take, we do not think the University will move from the 0%. With that in mind, the Front Table Team might accept the 0% in the first year if the University agrees to what we are asking for in the subsequent years. While we are not at liberty to state where we want to land, rest assured we are working as diligently as possible for a fair and equitable contract.

In solidarity,

Your RAFO Front Table Team

Donald Wlodarski, Joseph Fedorko, Stanford Traywick, Amelia Hicks, Mike Pinsof, Dennis Tucker and Jen Wilson