The President also discussed the reentry strategy, stating that while there will be more people allowed on campus, most classes will more than likely be taught remotely.

You are probably asking yourself now, how am I affected by all of this? The answer to this is we are not sure.  No full-time faculty have been furloughed and most classes for the summer and fall terms will be online. However, social distancing classes have been discussed for the Fall 2020 term. As a result, those of you who have classes for Fall may be asked to provide a plan for teaching both remotely and face-to-face. Another manner of social distancing a class has an instructor teaching part of the class on one day and the other part of the class on another day. If you are approached with these types or another type of social distancing, please contact the RAFO union. 

Please understand that RAFO is aware of all of these issues and will be sure that our membership is treated fairly by the administration and supported by RAFO. Currently we are in the negotiation process of a new union contract and might reach out to our members for feedback and support during these challenging months ahead. RAFO will communicate directly to you either by email, phone calls, or Zoom town hall meetings.  

On the part of the RAFO Executive committee, we thank all of you for your efforts this past semester and will be with you in the Summer, Fall and future semesters. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay united.

Best regards


Don Wlodarski, Treasurer and Lead Negotiator