Dear RAFO Members,
The following represents the Roosevelt University governance positions and RAFO candidates. For senate, we may elect one representative and for the college council, we may elect two candidates. Only the College of Arts and Sciences has a contested race for senate. The college councils of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Professional Studies have contested races. Follow the links for candidate statements.
Please cast your votes for candidates represent your college when they are announced on the RU Broadcast digest.

Arts and Sciences
Senate: Diane Field, LuAnn Swartzlander
College Council: Stan Traywick, Mike Tafel, Diane Field, Bonnie Smothers
College Council: Virginia Zamibito, Ami Hicks
Senate: Michael Andrews
College Council: Stephan Fedota, Michael Andrews, Ron Moyer
Professional Studies
Senate: Ray Cordell
Council: Ray Cordell, Mike Pinsoff, Anil Lal



Our executive committee members are featured in the “About” tab. They are with Joseph Fedorko serving as president, Jen Wilson as vice president, Ami Hicks as secretary, Frank Brooks as membership treasurer, Chris Broniak as membership chair, Beverly Stewart as communications chair, and Bonnie Smothers as grievance chair. We also have a new group of membership representatives whose contact information is also available under about us; and we have members who are elected to the Faculty Senate and the College Councils.

Also, our reps are listed under the tab RAFO reps.