RAFO is excited to announce the Spring 2019 Mini-Grants awarded to the following adjunct faculty members:  

  • Beverly Stewart was awarded a grant to complete Blended Learning Design & Instruction coursework to update teaching skills and bring the power of the Internet and Technology into the classroom;
  • Elizabeth Boone received funding to attend the Online Teaching Academy Professional Development on campus at Roosevelt University;
  • Carla Jones received a grant to complete a certificate in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies from the Stanford Center for Professional Development at Stanford University to enhance her teaching of Energy and Climate Change;
  • Virginia McHugh-Kurtz was awarded a grant to attend the Sencer Summer Institute to gain skills and learn best practices to profoundly impact students in STEM and increase their awareness on topics, locally and globally; and
  • Michael Tafel was awarded funding to continue work on a documentary film about Democracies and Republics with a special emphasis on why they fail.  

The RAFO professional development committee encourages adjunct faculty to apply for mini-grants to continue their professional growth activities.  We seek unique projects and coursework from full members to increase their skills and ensure their classroom experiences contain the cutting edge methods in pedagogy.

The RAFO professional development committee,

Ami Hicks, Eric Bremmer, and Susan Cooper