President Ali Malekzadeh updated members of the university Senate on the progress and the numbers of the current Roosevelt University enrollment. With a total student enrollment of 4,329, the university has a higher retention from the projected number of 4,276 as the semester opened. Because of this increase, the university has higher total credit hours at 48,407 and more classes running than previously projected from the spring enrollment numbers. The projected numbers for Spring 2019 are 4,785 and 54,577 credit hours.

As far as the Schaumburg campus, predictions this year depict the second increase in the 16 year history of the campus with 715 students up from 654 from last year. Online learning (defined as both online/hybrid) increased from 13.6% in the fall 2014 to 17.2% this fall term. First year retention has increased from 57% as reported two years ago to 74% this fall.

For more information about student retention, enrollment and the state of the university, please consider attending the Roosevelt University Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November 8, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. (location to be announced).