From Vaida Miseviciute, ELP Adjunct Faculty

April 24, 2018

Thank you to the Executive Committee of RAFO for the mini-grant that helped me participate in the International TESOL conference in Chicago this March. I feel privileged to have received the grant and the opportunity to enhance my teaching. The International TESOL conference has yet again opened my eyes to new ways of approaching language instruction and brought me closer to the 21st century.

It is no surprise that millennials learn and see the world differently. Whether we like it or not, technology has influenced the way they search for information, apply it, and learn it. As a digital immigrant, I do believe that meaningful learning can happen without technology; however, I was inspired by the creative use of technology in language teaching and by the research-based results on how technology can enhance the experience.

Specifically, I really want to share one of the findings from the conference about feedback we give to students. There is a significant amount of data that audio feedback is more effective than written feedback. When I sent audio feedback to some of my students about their papers, I felt like I just had a drink form the Fountain of Youth. I was once again a “COOL” professor who understood their way. Even though I did not say anything different in my audio comments, the way the words came alive to them was very obvious. While a simple strategy, I would have never thought of it without the opportunity to participate in the conference. Thanks again to RAFO for helping us all to be more professional and inspired in our teaching.