As a part of the RAFO Contract, the Executive Committee meets with President Ali and Provost Lois Becker once a semester to discuss the ongoing progress and changes at the university in regard to the adjunct faculty and our union membership. Here are the main takeaways from our December 18 meeting with the President.

  • The “new normal” incoming freshman classes will hover between 350 – 400 students with the greater emphasis on bringing in transfer and graduate students rather than larger freshman classes.
  • With an increase in transfer students, more evening and weekend classes will be available for adjunct faculty to teach in the upcoming terms.
  • Harper Community College opened a University Center on their campus which will house programs from three universities including Roosevelt. Some of the programs Roosevelt University will be offering at Harper’s University Center include Health Science Administration and Criminal Justice with room to grow other programs in correlation with the Harper College general education requirements. Adjunct faculty members will be asked to teach these courses onsite at Harper. The next steps for RU will be to implement similar programs at College of DuPage, Oakton Community College, and Lake County College.
  • Changes to the general education requirements are reducing the ACP courses by two and thus, increasing the electives in other academic areas like philosophy, history, literature, and the social sciences.
  • Roosevelt University is completing the final stages of moving programs and offices from the Gage Building so the property can be sold. These profits will be used to lower the overall debt of the university.

If you have additional questions about this summary or would like to participate as a member at large at the next Presidents’ Meeting, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jen Wilson, Vice President