Dear RAFO members,

On September 25, 2017. RAFO President Joseph Fedorko and Roosevelt President Ali Malekzadeh signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was ratified earlier this month by RAFO members. The three-year deal is now in force.

RAFO is proud to announce that, with the signing of the CBA, members will be receiving a 2% salary raise, effective now and retroactive to the start of the 2017-18 school year. The raise comes as a result of the CBA's provision in Appendix A in which salary increases are linked to increases in what is called the "merit pool" -- a budget figure used by Roosevelt to calculate salary increases for tenured and tenure-track faculty. A 2% increase was approved by the University and announced on September 15, and so adjunct faculty will receive this raise as well. The Appendix A posted at includes the new salaries for members.

Be aware that this increase is locked in and is not a one-time bonus. Also be aware that any salary increases for the length of this contract will be linked to merit pool increases in 2018 and 2019. RAFO will inform members of any such increases as they are announced.

We want to take this time to thank RAFO Lead Negotiator Jennifer Wilson and the RAFO team: Joseph Fedorko, Michael Pinsof, and Bonnie Smothers at the table: Frank Brooks, Chris Broniak, and LuAnn Swartzlander with valuable assistance with planning and preparation; and Bill Silver from the Illinois Education Association, for all of their work. A year and a half of strategic planning led to this agreement, and we are proud and thankful for their work.

Above, you will see a photo of the signature pages of the CBA and the revised salary structure. The revised "Appendix A" is available at If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a RAFO Executive Committee member or representative. And, as always, if you wish to contribute to the work of this union, also contact us. There is plenty to do, and this is an excellent time to pitch in.

In solidarity,

The Executive Committee of RAFO, IEA/NEA