from Michael Pinsoff

That theme was the underlying rallying cry throughout the 2 1/2 day IEA Representative Assembly in Rosemont, that my RAFO colleague Dr. Elizabeth Boone and I recently attended as your RAFO delegates.

Dr. Boone and I experienced the unique opportunity to meet and bond with Higher Education faculty statewide. We listened to prominent speakers like Dr. Jill Biden (who made a personal appearance at our Higher Ed luncheon and fielded an audience question from a member of our Region 67 delegation), and Governor Pritzker. We received briefings on recent legislative developments affecting Higher Ed at both the state and national level; learned about IEA's campaign in staunch support of the "Fair Tax Amendment" that will appear on the November ballot; discussed IEA's budget and dues structure; and became educated on the importance for Higher Education of this year's U.S. Census, learningstrategies for increasing participation. We also voted on IEA's legislative platform, amendments to IEA by-laws, and for IEA directors. 

Dr. Boone and I thank you for electing us as RAFO delegates, and we can assure you that the IEA totally "has our back" when it comes to recognizing and wholeheartedly supporting the unique needs of and demands placed upon Higher Ed adjuncts.